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That's Yours - technical realisation and project management


SSWEBS - technical support


SPINS - grafic design


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Other interesting links:



Dolls houses - Overview page about doll's houses



Mazes - Overview page in Dutch about  mazes and labyrinths

Puzzle reviews - Puzzle blog of Gabriel Fernandes

Puzzel reviews - Puzzel blog of Nick

Twisty Puzzles - Information and forum about twisty puzzles like the Rubik's cube

Puzzle Place - Information and forum about all kinds of puzzles likes burrs, twisties, sliding puzzles, packing puzzles




Mfave - Puzzel shop Nederland

Mallorca Puzzles - Puzzel shop Mallorca (Spanje)

Puzzle Shop (alleen online) - Puzzel shop Duitsland

Puzzle Master - Puzzel shop Canada

Bértikal - Bértikal game webshop



Classic cars - Overview page in Dutch about classic cars

Car museums - Overview page in Dutch about car museums

Microcars - Overview page in Dutch about microcars

Austin-Healey - Overview page in Dutch about Austin-Healey

Marcos cars - Overview page in Dutch about Marcos cars

Oldtimer tractors - Overview page in Dutch about old tractors



CNN - The latest news worldwide

Germany tourism - Overview page in Dutch about touristic attractions and locations in Germany



Msys - Medical Systems

Easytape - Tape it easy with Easytaping (elastic therapeutic tape)

Pelvictrainer - The first non-intimate pelvic training device in the world, both for women as men

Medicalbench - Total quality management in healthcare by means of benchmarking



Theatres - Overview page of theatres in the Netherlands



Shapeways - 3D printing in e.g. plastic and metal

JEWE Inexor - Metal works



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Start page overview about MBTI psychologic test