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Maze of work

Auteur : Monique Spierenburgh

ISBN : 978-94-91239-00-7

Prijs € 7,35

Trefwoorden : Arbeidspsychologie, loopbaan begeleiding, loopbaankeuze, loopbaanontwikkeling, E-boek, E-book

Download inkijkexemplaar : PDF book preview.pdf

ENGELS talige digitale�uitgave in PDF en EPUB. Hier vindt u de digitale NL uitgave.

Digital issue in PDF and EPUB format. Without DRM (only a watermark). 42 pages

Easy to read book as a tool for career choice and development. Active awareness raising and hands-on book. With mazes as illustrative theme.

From the preface: The last decades one can no longer speak of a career for life. Because of situations like outplacement, redundancy, unemployment and re-entry you will have to deal with career questions. This book can help you get things into perspective and context. It�s a moment for yourself. There are deliberately no broad theoretical issues raised and it�s primarily intended as a positive means for you to motivate and help yourself. To make room for something new. I wish you good luck and reading pleasure with this book. That it may serve as an incentive if you are still in a 'maze' and experiencing setbacks. That it may guide you towards action in the right direction.